30+ Merry Christmas Wishes to Bring Joy to All of Your Family and Friends

“You light up my life like a Christmas tree.” 🌟

We’re right in the very middle of the holiday season, which means that you probably have a stack of Christmas cards on your kitchen table waiting to be sent out! In theory, this is a task that should be meaningful and rather simple—and it is!— but that doesn’t mean that we’re not at a loss of words every now and then. Hey, even the smartest Pulitzer prize winner experiences writer’s block sometimes! (We think. 😂) Either way, if you need a little help coming up with a creative greeting to accompany the Christmas gift you just bought, you’ve come to the right place. We curated a list of the best Merry Christmas wishes, so you won’t ever be stuck again!

christmas wishes

Merry Christmas wishes

Christmas wishes

Merry Christmas messages for friends

Chritmas wishes

Christmas 2023 messages for family

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